About Us

Eri-Son Instrumentation Services Corp was founded by Sonia and Eric Durston who became the companies President and Vice President on February 24th 1982.

The company president, Sonia Durston also ran for the Toronto Construction Association (TCA) presidency and was the second female member of the Master Brewers of America (MBA).

Eri-Son Instruments is a member of ISA, we have been a long-term member of International Society of Automation (ISA), Eri-Son Instruments is ISO 9001:2015 certified. 


Present day Eri-Son has flourished with over approximately 150 current clients.

Eri-Son Instruments has done world-wide installations, calibrations and consulting in places such as Bulgaria, St. Lucia, Jamaica, Fiji, Turkey, Thailand and numerous places across Canada.


Eri-Son Instruments uses Certified Control Systems Technicians ® (CCST®)























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President of Eri-Son Instrumentation Services Corp.



Sonia Ciacci Durston

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